Harold the Not-So-Monster

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Harold has been one of Trixie’s best puppet friends for a few years now! He’s pretty easy going overall, but has a few quirks… He loves to smell people’s hair, which often leads to him nibbling at it, causing the person to giggle as he harmlessly chomps away with a mouthful of no teeth. He is a bit of a ham too, especially when cameras come out! He is terribly afraid of the dark though, as well as of babies. (The smaller, the scarier!)



Harold dreams of being a “Head Banger Rock Star” someday, (although he doesn’t sing or play an instrument… he’s just really good at head banging), and even has a band name picked out: Harold and the Heralds.  (He has yet to secure the domain name…) His favourite food is mud pie, but he’ll try anything once.  Oscar the grouch is his cousin, but Harold thinks he smells funny, and doesn’t want to be associated with that side of the family. There are rumours that one of his ancestors was a dog, but nothing is confirmed. Still, Harold clings to the conviction that he is part dog. He has never felt like he fit into his monster family. He even changed his last name from “the Nutmonster” to “the Not-So-Monster” as soon as he was old enough!

Harold often accompanies Trixie and Mr Brown Knows to their performances. He tires easily and needs lots of naps, but LOVES to make new friends and THRIVES on the excitement of having kids around to play with! Be sure to say HI the next time you see him!

Tteixie and Harold work the crowd at the Canada Day Parade in Kelowna BC.

Trixie and Harold visit the spectators at the Canada Day Parade in Kelowna BC.

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