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For Birthdays, Retirements, Engagements…  ANY  Special Occasion!

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“Thanks so much for visiting my Uncle Frank on his 80th birthday today. It sounds like he had a blast!”  – Chris P.

Slim Pickins, the Mandolin Chicken

Slim Pickins, the Mandolin Chicken

How's about a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from this charmer! Nerd-gram, Kelowna, BC

How’s about a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from this charmer! Nerd-gram, Kelowna, BC

Whether at WORK, HOME or pretty much ANYWHERE, you can send one of our many characters to make their day REALLY special!

Have Elvis serenade your Sweetie for Valentines, or send a Gorilla dressed as a French Maid or Police Officer to do a strip tease at your friend’s retirement party!

Fear not, our entertainment is always family-friendly, and sure to get a laugh, (and maybe some blushing) out of that special someone!

“My brother-in-law emailed me the pictures.  I never laughed so hard.  The look on Sharon’s face was worth it.  She will now be planning her revenge, but it will never top your performance.  Great job – thank you so much!  Sincerely, Diane Hagan”

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Available Characters:  Clown, Nerd, Elvis, Marilyn wannabe, French Maid, Cheerleader, Chicken, Gorilla, Top Hat & Tails, Gag-grams.

Lola, The Marilyn Wannabe

Lola, The Marilyn Wannabe

  • BASIC Singing Telegram:  Includes an appropriate song, some comedic interaction, and the “Happy Birthday” song. $100*       
  • DELUXE Singing Telegram:  Includes a Basic Singing Telegram and a Balloon Flower Bouquet.  $125*
  • PERSONALIZED Singing Telegram:  Want to really embarrass that certain somebody?  How about personalizing your telegram? Trixie will ask you a number of questions to “get the dirt” on the telegram recipient to make it all the more (respectfully) FUN!   NB:  Please give at least 1 week notice for personalized telegrams.  $200*
  • DELUXE PERSONALIZED Singing Telegram:  Includes the Personalized Singing Telegram AND a Balloon Flower Bouquet. $225*
  • GAG-Grams:  Same as the Personalized Singing Telegram.  $200*
  • VIDEO Option:  Can’t be there to see it for yourself?   We can bring a digital video recorder to have the singing telegram videotaped so you can get a copy to see the performance, and their reaction,  for yourself! ADD $25*

*Travel fees may apply.

“My Dad could not stop smiling yesterday.  He really enjoyed your singing telegram.”  Andrea Desjardins
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