“…the most captivating was your performance. …raw, rare and mesmerizing. All of the performers were fabulous and different and ecclectic in their own way for sure, and yours was amazing. It was unexpected and beautiful.” 

Sandy McAfee

Kelowna Arts Council

Alongside of entertaining, Charmaine Miron is also available for WORKSHOPS in Clowning, Character Development, Ukulele, and Improvisational Skills.

When asked about being a clown, Trixie (aka Charmaine Miron, in human) will always tell you that “it’s the best job in the world!”

She’s had the privilege of sharing music, smiles and laughter with folks since February of 1999, in the London, Windsor and Essex County area of Ontario. Then… beginning in September of 2001, Trixie’s “younger sixter”, Dr. Tilly Tom-Tom was “born”, and worked for 12 years as a Clown Doctor with Fools For Health, in the Southwestern Ontario area. As Dr. Tilly explains… “We share the same human but wear different noses.”

Trixie wears the strapless because she goes to all the parties and such. But I’M the SMART one!” )

In 2013, together with Mr. Brown Knows, Trixie the Clown made Kelowna BC and the Okanagan area her home base, in the hopes of bringing her sense of playfulness and heart-to-heart-clowning to BC.

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve…

I wear mine on my nose!